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Perfect wine? It’s whatever you think it is. With every vintage, we strive to create our perfect wine. However, as consumers, we know the wine is only perfect in the perfect setting. Perhaps it’s sitting in a garden watching the sun set, or, maybe over conversation with a group of friends. Maybe it’s perfect because you share it with that special someone. Our promise is to craft a great wine to complement your experience.

We hope you enjoy this wine as much as we enjoyed making it for you!


Current Releases

2012 Courageaux
2012 Imperatrice
2012 Cadeau Imprevu
2012 Ugly Head Red
2013 Petite Colleen
2014 Liberation
2014 Dahlia Rose
2015 Dahlia Sweet Rose

Upcoming Releases

2013 Courageaux
2013 Imperatrice
2013 Cadeau Imprevu
2016 Dahlia Rose
2016 White Bordeaux Style Blend

Previous Releases

2011 Courageaux
2011 Imperatrice
2011 Dahlia Rose
Millesimes Melanges
2012 Liberation
2012 Petite Colleen
2012 Dahlia Rose
2013 Liberation
2013 Dahlia Rose

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